The first step in getting a roof replacement is to get a free roofing estimate from a few companies so you can compare costs and choose your roofer. Don't base your decision on the lowest price you're quoted. Instead, compare the services you'll be getting for the price. Here are some costs associated with a roof replacement that should be mentioned in your estimates.

Removing Two Layers Of Roofing

Your roof might have two layers of roofing on it, and you might not be aware of that fact if you haven't owned your house for very long. It's fairly common to put a new layer of asphalt shingles or new metal roofing on top of old shingle roofing.

A roofer can check for two roofing layers when preparing your free estimate. However, the quote might include a standard roof removal fee based on a single layer, so you may want to ask if the estimate is based on removing one or two layers of roofing since removing two will add to the cost.

Replacing Rotted Decking

Your roofer may not know what parts of the deck have rotted until the asphalt shingles are removed. The roofer may not add deck replacement to the estimate, or they might add a flat fee that covers the average anticipated cost. When you compare estimates, compare the cost allotted for deck replacement.

If it turns out a large part of the deck is rotted, you may have to pay more than you think to have your roof replaced. Look for wording in the estimate that additional costs might be needed if hidden damage is found.

Dumping Debris

Once your roof replacement is complete, your property has to be cleaned up, and those charges should be reflected in the estimate because labor and dump fees are involved. The dumpster has to be hauled away and the materials deposited in the dump. Then a worker has to clean around your foundation to pick up nails and pieces of shingles that fell to the ground.

Your estimate should have several lines of costs you can examine. That's why it's good to be home when you get a free roofing estimate. That gives you a chance to talk to the roofer and have each item and cost explained. Then you'll be in a better position to compare estimates among roofers and make the best decision for your finances and your roof.

Be sure to ask how long the estimate is valid. You might have a few months before it expires and after that, the cost would need to be recalculated.