If you want to add a fireplace to your home, there are a lot of choices for the design. One of the problems that you may be facing is where to install the new fireplace. You might need to change the interior floorplan layout for your fireplace project. The following installation guide will help you with these changes and choosing the right style for your new fireplace:

Removing Existing Chimney Stacks

If there is an existing fireplace, the chimney may need to be removed or closed off. The easiest solution for the interior is to close off the hearth of the existing fireplace. On the exterior of your home, you can cap the chimney to leave it for aesthetics for the exterior of your home. If you leave an old chimney, you want to make sure it is sealed off to prevent damage to your home.

Choosing the Location of the New Fireplace

The location of the new fireplace is important for the installation. If you are installing a double-sided or modern open fireplace, these styles can be centerpieces in open-concept designs. If you want a more traditional fireplace design, there are options to use the same opening or have a new fireplace chimney stack built for the installation. If you need to have a fireplace chimney stack built, contact a remodeling contractor to work with the installer to build exactly what you need.

Installing the New Chimney Stack or Flue Pipe

Any fireplace that you choose to have installed in your home is going to need to have a way for exhaust fumes to escape. The new fireplace installation can be done with a modern flue pipe if you are using an insert. The flue pipe can be installed inside a chimney box or a specially built chase for the chimney. If you want more of an aesthetic appearance, you may want to have a chimney stack built on exterior walls or through the roof. You will need a chimney stack if you are installing a real masonry fireplace.

Finishing the Fireplace Installation With a New Hearth

The fireplace is also going to need a new hearth to finish the interior. Today, there are several options that you may want to consider for the design of your fireplace hearth. The new fireplace hearth can be integrated into insert units, or it can be a custom-built design with modern features. You can also ask your fireplace installer about adding extra features to the hearth design during the installation.

The right style is important when changing the layout of your home's interior for a new fireplace. Contact a fireplace installation service to get the help you need making these changes.