When the time has come to invest in commercial roof replacement, there are some improvements to consider investing in. Today, modern materials can improve the efficiency of buildings and the longevity of roofs. The following roof replacement upgrades and improvements are some of the options to consider investing in for your business:

Upgrades for the Roof Underlayment and Insulation

The underlayments of your commercial roof are one of the first areas to consider improvements. Before the old roof can be replaced, it has to be removed and the decking will be exposed. You may want to take the opportunity to upgrade the roof decking materials, perhaps opting for synthetic rigid foam sheathing. This can be a good improvement if your existing roof only has a thin layer of plywood decking beneath it.

Multiply Commercial Membrane Roofing Material

The most commonly used lightweight commercial roofing material is membrane material. These are rubber-like polyurethane membranes that protect the building from moisture. When membranes become a more popular solution for commercial applications, they were often installed as a single-ply system. Therefore, you may want to upgrade your roof to a layered system with a multiple-ply design. This will help provide more protection from the weather and improve the longevity of your roof.

Cool Roofs and Integrated Solar Energy

There are also cool roof systems that can be installed when replacing your commercial roof. These materials are lighter colored and specially designed to reflect heat from sunlight. This can improve the efficiency of buildings during the summer months. There are also options to integrate solar energy into the design of commercial roofing. This can be done with solar membranes or flush-mount collectors (solar water heaters) that are integrated into the surface of the new roofing system.

Commercial Roof Storm Drains and Finishes

You will also want to consider the drainage and runoff of your commercial roof. Problems with runoff and drainage designs can be a serious problem for flat commercial roof designs. Therefore, you may want to update the storm drainage design on your roof to ensure it drains well and is not vulnerable to problems. In addition, you want to make sure to install finishes that cover exposed edges of the membrane to protect against wind damage. You may also want to have pest deterrent systems installed to keep birds and other pests from nesting on your new roof.

The right improvements and upgrades will give you more out of your investment in a new roof. Contact a commercial roof replacement service to discuss these options for your business.