Investing in the right roofing for your custom home build can easily become an overwhelming experience and this is because of the vast range of decisions that you need to make. The right roofing should not only be capable of withstanding the ambient weather conditions of your location but it should do so without requiring incessant upkeep while still elevating the aesthetic value of your home. Moreover, it should fit within your budget without sacrificing its eco-friendly nature. With all these and more considerations to have in mind, it can be challenging to find roofing supplies that fit the bill.

But what if one type of roofing could provide you with a majority of these qualities? That type of material is architectural sheet metal. Although typically installed on commercial properties, this option is gradually making its way to residential properties. Here are some of the traits of architectural sheet metal roofing contributing to its rising popularity in residential applications.

1. Architectural sheet metal roofing is lightweight

Not many people factor in the weight of their preferred roofing materials yet this aspect will directly affect the cost of installation. For instance, concrete tile and clay tile roofing supplies are a common choice in the States due to their robust nature. But this robustness comes with a price, as the supplies are incredibly heavy.

Hence, the roofing contractors will have to install sub-structures that will work to reinforce the roof's ability to support the excessive weight and this translates into increased costs. Architectural sheet metal roofing does not pose this problem, as this material is naturally lightweight. Thus, you will not have to pay for extra reinforcement materials nor additional labor costs.

2. Architectural sheet metal roofing is customized to your house

The second trait of this type of roofing that is responsible for its increasing popularity is it being highly customizable. Unlike other supplies that need to be modified to suit the style that you have chosen for your custom home's new roof, architectural sheet metal is manufactured with this in mind. The various sheets are prefabricated with the specifications of your design in mind so that installation will simply be a matter of securing them various sections together on site.

This characteristic not only makes installation a breeze but also simplifies repairs. In case of undue damage to one or more sections of the roof, these modular pieces can easily be extracted and replaced with brand new ones. As a bonus, the prefabrication of architectural sheet metal roofing means you can have the different parts that make up your roof matching such as the gutters, downspouts, flashing, chimney caps etcetera.

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