When shopping for a home to purchase, prospective buyers often wonder why some homes, both new and existing, have gutters installed and others do not. The answer is that many home builders do not include the installation of gutters when building a home and instead leave the decision — and the cost — to the discretion of the new homeowner. Many homeowners do move forward with the installation of gutters during their ownership of the home, but some may not because they may not fully realize the benefits they may be missing. 

If you own or have just purchased a home that is not equipped with gutters, the following information will help you understand the potential benefits you could enjoy by installing a quality gutter system. 

Reduce the risk of water infiltration through basements and foundations

One of the most important functions performed by a functional gutter system is to reduce the risk of water infiltrating basement or foundation walls. When rainwater and melting snow or ice are allowed to freefall from the roof, it tends to form pools along the low areas near foundation walls. Over time, this type of exposure to moisture results in seepage through the concrete and masonry walls commonly used for foundations and basements. A working gutter system safely funnels damaging water away from the home, helping to ensure that basements and crawl spaces remain dry.

Reduce the amount of wear on siding, sills, and other exterior features

In addition to endangering foundation health, rainwater and melting snow that is allowed to course down the sides of the home can create damaging wear to siding, window frames and sills, and other exterior components of the home. Exterior walls made of brick or stone can experience mortar damage from constant water exposure, while painted and stained siding or wood quickly becomes faded and less able to seal and protect the exterior from the elements. 

Increase the comfort level and value of the home

The installation of a guttering system can also offer increased comfort and convenience for the occupants of the home. When guttering is installed, homeowners will no longer get drenched while trying to unlock their front door during a rain shower or when snow and ice are melting from the roof. Guttering also helps to increase the value of the home and its appeal to future buyers. Homeowners who want to learn more about the benefits of installing gutters on your home should discuss them with a gutter installation contractor in their area.