If your commercial building has a roof that's been leaking and has a lot of water damage, the roofing contractor may recommend that you tear off all the old roofing and install all new materials. Consider PVC roofing for your commercial flat roof replacement. PVC is a popular choice for buildings with flat roofs since it provides excellent protection from rain, wind, and chemical exposures. Here are some other benefits of PVC roofing and how it's installed.

Benefits Of A PVC Roof

A PVC roofing membrane is durable, so it has a long life and is a good investment. One reason PVC roofing is durable and protects against leaks is that the seams are heat-welded together. This creates a strong, watertight bond along the seam, so there is no adhesive to dry out and fail.

PVC roofs are considered cool roofs because they are usually white. They are even Energy Star rated for energy efficiency. If you want to keep your building cooler during the summer, a PVC roof might make a difference while keeping your energy bills lower too.

PVC roofs are also easy to repair since they can be heat-welded. Punctures can be repaired with patches that are welded over the damaged area. This makes it easy to keep up with roof maintenance over the years.

Installation Process For A PVC Roof

Once the old roofing material has been torn off and a new roof deck put on, it's time to start building the roof replacement. An HVAC technician may need to disconnect the HVAC equipment when the membrane is ready to go on. If you have other equipment on the roof, talk to your roofing contractor about how to handle those as well.

PVC roofing comes on sheets that are rolled out, but the sheets aren't usually wide enough to cover the roof, so there will be seams to heat-weld together. In addition, the contractor installs the boots, vents, flashing, curbs, and walkways so your new roof is ready to handle foot traffic when needed.

A commercial flat roof replacement involves several steps, especially if the old roofing is torn off first. There are several parts involved in installing PVC membrane roofing. Plus, the roofer has to be careful to fully weld the seams so there is no risk of leaking.

While a PVC membrane is a good choice as the first layer of roofing, if your old roof doesn't have to be torn off because it is still in fairly good shape, PVC roofing may be installed over the old roof to save money on installation costs. Talk to a commercial flat roof replacement company to learn more.