When updating the exterior of your home, there are a lot of things to consider. The roof is one of the areas where you might want to invest time in planning. The new roof can be an opportunity to renovate the appearance of your home with new roofing and a few changes.

Roof Additions

Adding to your roof is a great way to invest in practical solutions when renovating your home. Options for roof additions include small and larger projects. Small projects might be a covered entranceway, and a larger project can be a covered porch. Ask your roofing contractor if they can build the structure for you or have a remodeling contractor work with your roofer to complete the project. Most roofers can help with small projects or will be able to recommend a contractor to help with the project.

Roofing Materials

You also want to consider the type of materials to renovate your roof. First, there are premium roof shingles, which are sometimes called architectural or 3D shingles. There are also alternatives like composites, wood shakes, or metal roofing that can be great solutions to upgrade the roofing on your home. If you are looking for more durable roofing material, metal roofs can be standing seam systems with modern powder-coated finishes. Architectural shingles are also a good choice for durable roofing if you want a more conventional-looking roof.

Roof Efficiency 

The efficiency of your roof is another important consideration when planning renovations. Today, modern roofing materials and improvements can help to reduce energy loss while improving the longevity of your roof. These materials include cool roofing materials, underlayments, and ice barrier reinforcements that help improve the design of your new roof. You can also add roof insulation and other improvements to help improve the efficiency of your roof design.

Roof Improvements

When renovating your roof, there are also several improvements to consider. First, if there is a problem with moisture in the attic, adding ventilation can help prevent damage. The added ventilation can also improve efficiency by allowing heat to escape. In addition, you may want to add details to the roof and improve roof designs where there are problems with excessive wear and damage. There are also other improvements that can help improve your roof, such as using an ice barrier reinforcement or investing in seamless gutters. All of these improvements enhance the look of your home and make your roof more durable.

Contact a residential roof installation service that has renovation experience to start planning these solutions to renovate your home's exterior.