If your roof is damaged, then you have probably either made arrangements to have a roof repair company come out, or you're planning on doing so soon. Hiring professionals is generally the safest and most sure-fire way to ensure the repairs are made properly and effectively. However, there are some common misconceptions that many people hold in regard to roof repairs, and you deserve to have those cleared up before your roof gets fixed.

Misconception: Roofers will really push you to get a new roof rather than have repairs made.

If a roofing contractor truly believes it's not worth your money to repair your roof, then of course they will tell you that. However, there are times when a roofer may find the damage is so extensive that making repairs would involve replacing a big piece of the roof anyway. In cases like this, they may suggest you just have the whole thing replaced since you're already having so much work done. However, roofers won't try to talk you into a new roof if it is not needed. Using their best judgment, if they think they can just make some minor repairs and things will be fine, that's what they'll do. 

Misconception: Your homeowner's insurance will only cover the repairs if a certain roofer makes them.

Generally, a homeowners insurance company has to allow you, as the homeowner, the ability to choose who works on your roof. The insurance company may send you a suggested list of contractors, which can be a good starting point if you don't know any roofers in the area. However, you can absolutely hire any other licensed, certified roofer who is not on this list, if you prefer.

Misconception: You need the repairs to be made with different materials so they don't become damaged again.

If you had a certain brand of shingles and they're not damaged, you might assume your roof contractor should use a different kind of shingles so those ones don't become damaged. But this is not the best approach. Mixing materials often increases the risk of roof damage, and it won't look good, either. Even the best materials become damaged sometimes. Unless your roofing materials were recalled, your roofer is best off using the same materials to make repairs.

Hopefully this article has cleared up some common misconceptions about roof repairs. Reach out to a local roof repair service, such as Orlando Roofing Co, if you have any other questions or concerns as your repair appointment approaches.