Is your commercial building's roof damaged? This can be a considerable inconvenience to business owners and tenants. If left unattended, chances are this can advance and cause structural damage to your building. That's why every property owner needs to understand the possible causes of commercial roof leaks and the signs. This can help you spot any issues early on and get a roof repair company to do the work. Here is why a commercial roof leak is likely to occur. 

Damaged Membrane

The waterproof layer on your roof is the membrane. If it gets damaged due to environmental or other elements, it's likely to allow water through, saturating the underlying insulation. Sometimes, you may only need to patch the damaged area. However, if it is severe, you may need large membrane pieces to replace the insulation. 

Missing or Damaged Flashing

The flashing in a commercial roofing installation seals areas around vents and chimneys. It also protects the membrane's roofing. Unfortunately, this essential part of your roofing is likely to get damaged because of severe weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures. 

Also, wear and tear can impact the flashing causing it to expose sensitive areas. If this happens, chances are water can access the roof's underlying structure. Is your flashing damaged? If yes, do not wait any further before contacting a roof repair professional to examine the situation and provide reliable solutions. 

Pooling Water

Once you discover your commercial roofing is leaking, one of the areas you want to check includes the roof's valleys and peaks. It can help you spot pooling water signs on your roof. Regardless of your roof's design, bumps and dips can cause water to pool on your roof. This can be detrimental to your roof's integrity, and you want to solve it before it leads to further issues. 

For example, water can damage the membrane and weaken the seals. You can prevent this by ensuring you work with experienced roofing contractors to inspect and fix the problem before it can get out of hand.

Improper Sealing

Leakage is likely to occur on the different outlets of your roof. That's why you want to seal them properly. For example, your roof's membrane can experience water infiltration through points, such as:

  • Gas lines
  • Hot stacks
  • Vents
  • Drains 
  • Pipes

You need to monitor any of these outlets and call a roof repair contractor to seal them. Without proper sealing, the holes could be a source of your roof's problem. 

Your commercial roofing is an essential part of your property, and you should ensure maintenance to prevent any issues. If you need the help of a roofing professional, consult with a company like Premier Roofing Co