A roof improves a structure's appeal, controls the temperatures in the building, and protects from the weather outside. Over time this roof wears down and its performance reduces. To prolong its life span and maintain its performance, you will need several commercial roofing services, including: 

Roof Inspection and Maintenance 

Over time, the roof becomes worn, which cannot be avoided. However, you can prolong its life and get the most out of it by regular maintenance. Hire roofers to inspect and maintain your roof at least once a year. An inspection and maintenance procedure involves checking the roof and its exterior structural elements for signs of damage. Some of the most obvious signs that your roof is damaged include leaks, peeling paint, and water stains. Roofers also check the roof's beams and trusses to identify structural issues such as cracking and rust. If any of these flaws are identified, these professionals fix them.

Additionally, roofers also check the roof for cleanliness. When dirt accumulates on the roof, it increases the rate at which it deteriorates. With this in mind, a roofer will check if the roof has any accumulating debris and dirt. They also check to see if it has algae and mold growing on it. After the inspection, the roofers remove the debris, pressure wash the roof, and scrub out the mold.

Gutter Inspection and Maintenance 

The gutters ensure that the rainwater on your roof flows down. Unfortunately, over time, the gutters wear out, and their performance reduces. To maintain the performance of the gutters, you should have them regularly inspected and maintained. During an inspection, the roofers check the gutter to identify if it needs repairs, cleaning, or replacement. If the contractors observe that the gutters are leaking or crooked, they patch them up and straighten them to facilitate the smooth flow of water. However, when the damage is extensive, or the gutter has been in use for more than 40 years, the roofers replace them with new ones. 

Apart from repairs and servicing, the inspection may reveal that your gutters need cleaning. If the inspection reveals that dirt is blocking water flow in the gutter, the roofers clean them out. They also put in place mechanisms that avoid the buildup of dirt in the near future. For instance, they may install a leaf relief gutter guard that prevents natural debris from obstructing your gutters. 

 As seen, there are several services that commercial roofers provide. Apart from installing your roofs, they also assist you in maintaining these home features to prolong their life. Therefore, take advantage of the services provided by these professionals to boost the performance and lifespan of your company's roofs. To learn more, contact a company like Burwell Construction inc.