If you are thinking about taking on a new roof installation project, it is crucial to get the process right. If you make mistakes in the installation process, your new roof will not last long or serve you well. Here are some of the errors that can cause all sorts of blunders and even void your roofing warranty.

Retaining Parts of the Old Roof

Roofing material retention is a common mistake for amateurs. Sometimes, the person handling the roof replacement project will nail the new shingles over the old ones. Most beginners believe that covering the old shingles with new ones will protect the house from weather damage. Sadly, if the old shingles have mold, lichens, and moss, they will quickly spread to the new roofing material and cause damage to it. Additionally, damaged old shingles often mean that the roof support system is also weak. It is advisable to remove all the old materials before installing a new roof. You should also replace any damaged parts of the framework. 

Inferior Quality Fastening

You also need to think about the quality of the nailing process if you want success in your roofing project. The number and type of nails that you use for the fastening process depend on several factors. The grade of the roof is a crucial consideration to make when installing the roof. Typically, a shingle takes four nails to fasten. You can add two extra for steeply sloping roofs. Make sure that you fix the nails clear of the adhesive strips used to hold down the shingles.

Poor Quality Sealing

Sealing is what determines how well your roof will withstand rainy weather. The process of sealing involves installing flashing and counter-flashing. The flashing keeps rainwater from accessing the interior parts of the roof structure, where it could potentially cause water and mold damage. It is hard to notice when someone poorly seals the roof, and unfortunately, the problem persists until there is a visible leak. Hiring professionals ensures that your flashing gets correctly installed.

Ignoring the Climate

The roofing material, style, and design should depend on the local climate of the place where you need to install the roof. For example, if you get cold winters, attic vents will be an excellent addition to prevent condensation. Professionals will know which other additional features help the roof.

Installing a roof is a project that needs caution. Hire a residential roofing company, such as Greenstreet Contracting & Restoration, to handle the process for good results.