The choice of Spanish tile roofing for your home can be an option that provides your house with a quality roof that also enriches its appearance. To make sure that you are effectively evaluating the option of Spanish tile roofing, it is important to have a basic understanding of these tiles.

Will Spanish Tile Roofing Lose Its Color Easily?

The rich red color of the Spanish tile is one of the reasons that a homeowner may be drawn to this option. Unfortunately, there is an assumption that the color of the Spanish tile roofing will start to fade very soon after it is installed. In reality, this tile will be capable of lasting longer than a decade before it starts to encounter significant wear. You can further reduce the amount of fading that occurs to the Spanish tile by applying a protective sealant to it that will limit the ability of the sunlight to break down the colors.

What Should You Expect If The Spanish Tile Roofing Needs Repairs?

While Spanish tile is an extremely durable roofing option for a home, it is still possible for these tiles to suffer damage that will lead to them needing to be replaced. Often, this can be due to cracking occurring in one or more of the tiles or they may be shifted out of position by strong winds. Luckily, the design of Spanish tile can make it relatively simple for a roofing professional to repair these problems. For example, the compromised tiles will be able to be replaced, which can avoid the expenses and disruptions of replacing the entire roof due to isolated damages.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean The Spanish Tile Roofing?

As with other types of roofing, it is necessary to regularly have the Spanish tile thoroughly cleaned. This is necessary to remove dirt and moss that may start to accumulate between or on the surface of the tiles. While it is necessary to clean the tile, this is a simple process that should only take a few hours to complete. A professional roofing contractor will be able to use a variety of tools to quickly clean the Spanish tile. This type of work should be done every few years to keep large accumulations from potentially causing substantial wear and damage to the tiles. Once the roof has been thoroughly cleaned, you may want to consider having a new coat of sealant applied to it.