If your home has clay tiles as a roofing material, you can expect them to last a long time. Still, there are a couple of issues you may encounter. If the following happens, a smart play would be to hire experienced roofing repair contractors.

Excessive Algae Growth

Since clay tile is a type of organic material, it may be prone to algae growth. If it becomes excessive, then you need to respond before severe structural problems surface. Roof repair contractors can help you deal with this problem with ease.

What they'll do is clean the affected areas with a pressure washer that's put on a low setting. They'll still be able to remove algae that has built up, but the pressurized water won't be strong enough to cause damage to the clay tiles. That ultimately saves you from making additional adjustments to this type of roof.

Cracked Clay Tiles

You may have some of your clay tiles crack over time. It's typical after a severe storm or when tree branches fall on top of your roof. Fixing these cracked pieces is a lot harder than it seems because you have to watch where you step. To avoid further damage, just hire a roofing repair contractor that has experience working on clay tile roofs.

They'll be able to watch their steps to keep additional tiles from suffering damage. Then they'll either put a sealant in the crack to prevent it from getting bigger or find a replacement, which typically happens if the crack is large and thus won't take well to repair methods.

Tile Shifting

If you've had clay tiles on your roof for more than several years, shifting may have occurred. You don't want to just leave this issue alone because, in addition to affecting the visuals of your property, it can leave your roof more susceptible to water damage.

You can hire a roofing repair contractor to put tiles back in the correct position, as well as secure them in place to keep the same issue from happening in the future. They'll know exactly where each clay tile should go too for optimal aesthetics and function.

When you have problems with clay tiles on your roof, it's probably best to hire a roofing company that knows what they're doing. They can quickly put together sound plans that allow you to continue benefitting from this stylish and durable roof material.