If your family uses recycled products for everything in your home, you may want to use recycled building supplies as well. If you plan to install a new roof on your home soon, you may wonder if there's a recycled roofing material you use as the replacement. You can use composite slate to replace the shingles on your roof. Learn more about composite slate and why it may be a good replacement material for your roof below. 

Where Does Composite Slate Come From?

Slate is a natural rock or stone found all over the world, including in the United States. Due to its strength, resilience, and beauty, slate is one of the materials roofers use to repair or cover roofs. However, slate can be expensive to some homeowners. Other homeowners may not want to use slate for environmental reasons. Homeowners can still enjoy the beauty and strength of slate by installing composite slate on their roofs.

Composite slate, or tile, contains a large percentage of recycled rubber and other materials. The materials help give composite slate its unique colors, such as sage and canyon red. The roofing material is also lightweight enough to resist physical damage over time. Traditional slate tends to be heavy on roofs. 

In addition to the features above, you can recycle composite slate once it reaches its lifespan. Some roofing companies will pick up and recycle the material for their customers. 

Composite slate may be just the roofing materials you need for your home. If you want to install recycled slate on your roof, contact a roofer today.

How Do You Choose Composite Slate for Your Roof?

Replacing your roof with composite slate requires some thought and planning. A roofer will need to assess the surface of your roof to see if it is compatible with composite slate. Although composite slate is lightweight, the surface of your roof must still be clean and sturdy enough to hold it. If the surface of your roof requires work, such as a new felt or underlayment, a contractor will complete it right away.

After a roofer secures the surface of your roof, they'll ask you to select a color for your slate. Slate comes in different shapes and forms, including bricks and scales. The roofing material can also be octagon- and diamond-shaped. You can select the form or shape that highlights your roof and home the best.

Learn more about recycled composite slate and whether or not it's right for your roof replacement by contacting a contractor today.