Metal roofs' popularity has substantially risen over the past years, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a commercial roof replacement. Even more interesting is you can now get it in shingle style. The material is also available in many styles, designs, and colors that fit into most architectural styles—be it Victorian, Spanish mission, contemporary, or more. Take a look at some questions you can ask your metal roofer before installations.

How Safe is Metal Roofing Structure?

You could have concerns because of the misconception that roofing systems made from metal have a high probability of attracting lightning. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. If anything, roofs made from metal are no doubt one of the most preferred materials for lightning-prone areas due to their non-combustible nature and high fire rating. Also, like lightning rods, roofs made from metal can contain the voltage by providing a safe path to the ground and away from your commercial building. That is not all; roofs made from metal can also endure strong winds during hurricanes and deter pest infestation such as termites which munch on roofing materials like wood shake. Lastly, they allow the smooth movement of snow off your commercial roof. In other words, metal roofs are among the safest roofing options you can find, and an installation will serve you for decades.

Are Metal Roofs Noisier?

Another common concern is the noise factor. Like in the previous case, many believe metal roofs cannot block out noise during rain or hail. That said, metal roofs are not noisy, especially when installed by an expert. During installation, the metal roofer will start with a solid substratum before putting up the roof. Besides, you will find a sound barrier between the attic and insulation. As a result, you don't have to worry about disruptions during heavy rains. 

Will Hail Damage Metal Roofing Structure?

Roofs made from metal are resilient and can stand almost all weather conditions. That said, no material is indestructible, and your structure can be a little vulnerable to hail. Metal roofing options like aluminum and copper are particularly prone to developing dents after hail impact. The good news is you can opt for copper metal roofs that can handle the effects of hail better. Thus, it's only a matter of choosing the suitable metal based on the weather in your area. 

Hopefully, you are now enlightened about commercial metal roofing. As you look for one, you should also look for a professional commercial roofing service to do the installations since the job is intricate and too dangerous to handle without the necessary experience.