Although a clay tile roof can last for decades, you still need to maintain it properly so it lasts as long as possible. Clay tiles add beauty to your home and boost the curb appeal of your property, but only if the tiles are kept clean and in good repair. Here are some residential roofing services your clay tiles might need to stay in good shape.

Repair Impact Damage

Clay tiles are tough, but if they are struck with large hail or a falling tree limb during a storm, the tiles can crack. Cracked or chipped tiles might leak, so getting them repaired is important. Cracks can be filled in, and if the missing chip is nearby on the roof, it can be glued back in place. If a tile can't be repaired, the roofing contractor can replace it.

Inspect The Roof Regularly

It's important to protect the deck of your roof. If it sustains moisture damage and starts to rot, the rotted area has to be replaced. This entails removing the tiles above the area, taking out the rotted decking, and then putting new decking and underlayment on. The roofer can put your old tiles back on as long as they're not damaged.

Regular inspections help your roofing contractor find problems when they're minor so repairs can be done before the roof deck rots.

Remove Moss, Dirt, And Algae From The Roof

Clay tiles can attract pollution stains, dirt, and grime over the years. You might want the tiles cleaned just to make your roof look fresh and new. Algae might be a problem for your roof if your roof gets a lot of shade. Algae makes ugly black stains that can be cleared away by using cleaners or pressure washing.

Moss is not only unattractive, it can damage your roof by keeping the roof damp and by burrowing in with its roots. You'll want moss removed when you see it or it will spread and potentially cause roof damage.

Put On A New Roof

One of the residential roofing services you may never need is to have a roof replacement. Since clay tiles last so long, you may never need to replace the roof if you keep up with repairs. However, if the time comes when multiple tiles have damage, such as what might happen during a bad storm, your roofer may recommend getting a new roof.

If you loved your clay tiles, you'll probably want a new clay tile roof, especially if your insurance coverage will pay for it. When your roofer removes the old tiles, they'll inspect the deck and repair any bad areas so your new roof will be strong and sturdy for the new tiles to rest on.