A roof that is in excellent condition protects you and your family all year long. But it is unfortunate that many homeowners only remember this important part of their homes when a serious problem crops up. 

Often, other issues accompany an utterly deteriorated roof. That includes mold damages and foundational problems. The best way to steer clear of such issues is by investing in professional roof inspections and timely repairs. Nevertheless, some damages may warrant immediate roof replacement, and they are as follows. 

Shingles That Are Utterly Damaged or Deformed

Damaged or deformed shingles can't protect your home against the elements. Usually, such shingles show cracks, curled edges, and cupping. Additionally, you should keep an eye on the shedding of granules as shingles become ineffective in beating the harsh effects of the sun. All these are signs you should start budgeting for a new roof. 

Sun Rays Are Penetrating the Shingles

Sun rays can peep through your roof if there are holes. That means the roof will allow water to penetrate when it rains. To identify this issue, check for streams of light in the attic and get in touch with a roofer for an immediate roof replacement. Widespread puncturing of the rooftop might necessitate replacing the entire roof.

Mold Has Covered the Entire Rooftop 

Perhaps you noticed this problem long ago but swept it under the carpet for one reason or another. Unfortunately, ignoring the situation only worsens it. Not only does mold make the roof unsightly, but it also puts you and your family in danger of developing respiratory infections. Mold usually indicates undiscovered moisture issues, which may damage the roofing material leaving it spongy. Living under such a roof is dangerous, and therefore, a roof replacement might be crucial if the mold covers a wide section of the roofing surface. 

Flashing Is Ruined Beyond Repair

Most roofs feature chimneys and vents, which unfortunately can be problematic without proper care. These roofing components are usually sealed at the base with flashing. But with time, the cement or tar surrounding them may degrade, causing your roof to leak and even develop other damages. While you can opt for tougher flashing material such as metal, you won't escape this problem if you don't pay attention to the flashing. Eventually, you may have to replace it if the damage is irreparable. 

Most roofing issues are repairable. However, your residential roofing contractor might suggest a complete roof replacement if the damages are widespread.

If you notice any of these signs, contact a residential roofing contractor.