Vinyl siding is built to last, and while it doesn't require much care, it can do with some care. With little effort, you can keep vinyl siding in very good shape, which in turn protects your home. The little bit of work you need to do focuses mainly on keeping the siding clean and spotting problems when they're still tiny.

Wash It Yearly

Siding will get dirty. That's just a fact. Wash the siding regularly to remove dirt, mildew, algae, and other messy substances that can end up on the siding. That will keep the siding and your house looking very good for a long time. In fact, if the siding isn't damaged during a storm, for example, and if it was originally installed correctly, cleaning it may be the only maintenance you really need to do for years.

Be Careful Removing Tall Hedges and Trees

Obviously, you need to take care when removing plants that are right next to the house because you don't want anything scratching up the siding. But you also need to be careful removing taller hedges and trees that block the view of your siding from windows on nearby houses. No, that's not because of any privacy issue. That's because, if the sun hits those windows just right, the light can redirect onto the siding of your home. On a hot day, that can mean melted siding. Before you remove the plants, look at what you could use to prevent those window-light reflections, such as having your neighbor add an awning over the offending windows.

Arrange for Yearly Inspections

Vinyl siding isn't exactly fragile, but it can suffer damage from weather phenomena such as hail. Plus, if it was originally installed incorrectly, those installation errors can slowly make themselves evident. The best way to catch issues when they're just starting is to inspect the siding periodically even if you don't think anything is wrong. You can walk around your house and look for damage or signs of bad installation, but you should also have the siding professionally inspected yearly. If you or the inspector spot anything, have it fixed immediately. That helps the siding last for years.

Vinyl has become one of the major materials used for home siding, and current technology is very, very good when installed correctly and cared for. If you are in need of new vinyl siding or need repairs done, contact a siding installer as soon as you can. For more information on vinyl siding, contact a professional near you.