Does your roof have moss, algae, or some other kind of growth starting to show? You obviously want to tackle this problem before it gets out of control, but it's also a good idea to proceed with caution to ensure no additional damage is done to the roof and to protect yourself while you are attempting to clean the affected area. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to remove moss or other growth from your roof safely.

Use a Mixture of Water and Bleach Inside a Spray Bottle

You want to remove the moss delicately and in a way that won't cause damage to your roof shingles. A time-tested way to accomplish this is to use a water and bleach mixture but only apply it using a spray bottle. The spray bottle will let you aim directly at the moss or other growth without getting much on other areas of the roof. The stream from a spray bottle will also be delicate compared to using something like a power or pressure washer which runs the risk of damaging your shingles at the same time it's washing the moss away.

Rinse the Roof As Needed But Don't Blast the Garden Hose Directly at the Affected Area

It's likely you'll need to rinse at least part of your roof with water after the bleach and water combo is applied with a spray bottle. When spraying from the garden hose though, aim the hose up in the air so it falls down over the affected area in a more indirect way. You don't want to put the hose on full blast and drench the roof at close range, as this could potentially cause some of the same problems as a full-fledged power washer. Try to rinse any bleach off the roof without washing it off of the moss that's in the target area.

A Wet Roof is a Slippery Roof So Proceed With Caution

Start applying your bleach mixture and then rinsing the roof from either back to front or side to side, making sure not to walk on any area after it becomes wet. A wet roof can be slippery and provide an unexpected ride right down to the pavement. Wear non-slip work shoes if you can for extra traction.

Moss and Algae Can Attract Pests If Not Eradicated So Consider Professional Help From a Roofing or General Contractor

If you don't like the idea of climbing up on the roof or you are worried that the moss has already grown out of control and might be attracting even more problems, contact a professional for help. A local general contractor or roofing company will be able to kill the moss and restore your roof to great condition.