Homeowners preparing for new roof installation projects will often want to do as much as possible to control the cost. Fortunately, there are several things that can mitigate price issues. The following four aspects of the job will significantly influence your budget.

Cost-Effective vs. Cheap

It is important to avoid doing things that are fundamentally cheap as opposed to cost-effective. Using the cheapest shingles for a roof installation is going to be costly in the long run. They will have a low insulation value and likely not last as long as better products will. In the worst-case scenario, the lowest-price shingles could suffer damage that lets water into the structure and leads to expensive repairs.

Focus on what's cost-effective over the life of the roof. Talk with the roofing contractor about the expected lifetimes of different products. Compare the prices between various shingles to determine which option will be the most cost-effective over the coming years. Bear in mind that there will be new costs whenever it comes time to put down new shingles, too. Even a few more years of additional service can put off additional labor costs.

Minimize Complexities

If you're just in the design phase of building a house, you have an excellent opportunity to minimize complex roofing features. Dormers, gables, chimneys, and other design elements all require additional work for a roof installation contractor. Roofers have to cut shingles into different shapes to make them fit around these complex features. Likewise, they have to install caulk and flashing around these features to seal their edges. This means extra work and materials waste, and those issues drive the price up.

Scheduling Flexibility

Anything you want to be done right now is going to cost more, especially if it has to be done in the heavy part of the roofing season. Customers who are able to flexibly schedule their projects into the slower part of the calendar will get better rates.

Notably, it's important to know what the slow part of the year is where you live. In southern regions, the calendar is longer. In the north, the roofing season gets heavy pretty quickly once late spring breaks.

Book and Pay Early

Roofers want to set as much of their schedule for the year as early as possible. They are going to be more willing to offer discounts to people who can lock in their projects early. Once you know for sure when you're going to need to perform a new roof installation, book your project and pay the deposit.