If you suspect that you need roofing work done, you will want to take action as soon as possible. Of course, that does not mean that you want to hire just any roofer. You want a roofing contractor or roofing company that is best suited for your roofing repair or replacement needs. To help you select the ideal professional, you will want to spend a little time going over the following questions you will want to ask.

What Is The Estimated Time For The Completion Of The Work?

You want to know more than how much the roofing work is going to cost. You also want to know how long they estimate it will take. Of course, you want to keep in mind that there is always the possibility of surprise issues popping up once the roofer begins to remove the old shingles and roofing paper. That could cause the length of the job to be extended a little bit.

What Will They Do With The Old Roofing Materials?

You do not want to assume that the roofer is automatically going to haul away all of the old roofing materials. Do they have their own truck or flatbed trailer that they will use to haul away the old materials? Will they have a dumpster delivered to your property? Can they leave all of the materials there for you to dispose of yourself so you can save some money? You want to clarify what the plan is for the materials that are removed from the roof.

Will They Have A Portable Restroom Delivered?

Roofers will occasionally need to use the restroom like everyone else. Depending on where you live, they might be able to simply go around the block and use the restroom at a fast food business or a gas station. They might ask if they would be able to use your bathroom. Then again, they might simply have a portable restroom delivered so they don't have to bother you or leave the job site just to relieve themselves.

Now that you have those questions in mind, you will want to prepare a little questionnaire sheet where you can jot down all of the information you obtain from the roofer you speak with. This is important because it is a good idea to consult with at least a couple of roofers for the work that needs to be done. You want to be able to keep the information you get from each one straight so you can refer back to your notes when you are ready to decide who you want to hire.

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