A sagging roof, poor drainage, and poor roofing alignment are all issues roofing contractors deal with. You may believe the only causes of these costly issues deal with weather or poor maintenance of your roof. The truth is, these issues and many others may actually be coming from another part of your home. The foundation of your home can directly affect your roofing health. Here are some ways the foundation affects your roof and how it can lead to the previously mentioned issues.

Sinking Foundation

A sinking foundation is one of the more common culprits of roofing issues. You may begin to notice your roof sag in certain areas. If you check the roof and see no reason, such as wood rot, for the sagging it may be due to your house foundation. As the foundation begins to sink into the ground, your roof will start to sink in that area as well. This causes sagging and can lead to pooling water or even a collapsed roof that will require roofing replacement or repair. 

Cracked Foundation

A cracked foundation is something many homeowners may not notice until it has spread through the walls of the home. As the crack spreads from the foundation and through the walls, it will begin to affect the structure and integrity of the house walls and trusses. The cracks will cause the walls to shift slightly. As the walls shift, anything above those walls will also shift. This includes the roof foundation. When the shift begins the roof may first show signs of poor drainage. The drainage can be a sign of a slopped or sagging roof that is directly related to the cracks in the foundation. 

Underpinning Failure

Underpinning failure is the result of foundation cracking and sinking. If both issues begin to happen, then the underpinning can begin to fail. This is likely occurring to you following a massive flood or other similar weather conditions. If the underpinning fails it will cause a shift in the walls which will also cause a shift in the roofing. The shift in the roofing will lead to alignment issues that will begin to ruin the structural integrity and can lead to a collapsed roof. 

These are just a few of the issues that foundation problems can cause with your roofing. If you start experiencing issues with your roof that may be related to your house foundation, contact your roofing contractor. An assessment can be done on your roof to help determine if the issues you are experiencing are, in fact, related to the subsequent foundation problems. 

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