If you are getting ready to replace the rain gutters on your home, you will want to think carefully about what material you use for your new rain gutters. There are benefits and drawbacks to each kind of material you can use for your gutters; the key is to find appropriate material for your home.


One of the most commonly used gutter materials is aluminum. Aluminum comes in various levels of thickness, with the lowest level of thickness being the less expensive and the thicker metal costing more. In general, aluminum gutters are some of the most affordable gutter materials you can purchase.

One of the best things about aluminum gutters is that it actually comes in a variety of colors. In addition, you can also paint aluminum gutters whatever color you want them to be. They are weatherproof and will not rust easily. They can dent easily, though, so be careful with installing and working on the gutters.


Another common gutter material is vinyl. Vinyl is straightforward to install. It is a very lightweight material; that makes it easier for do-it-yourself installation and makes vinyl affordable if you want a professional to install the gutters for you.

They can be painted, so you can easily customize the appearance of your vinyl gutters. They don't corrode or rust, so you don't want to worry about that complication. However, they can crack if too much pressure is placed on them, so don't rest your ladder against them when cleaning your gutters. They also don't work that well in extreme weather conditions.


Another material option is zinc gutters. They are a more expensive option and for a reason. They don't warp, rust, or fade in color. They will develop an attractive patina coloring over time. One of the biggest benefits is that zinc is designed to work for decades, so once you install zinc gutters, you will not need to replace them.

There are two instances where you are not going to want to use zinc gutters on your home. If you live somewhere with salty air, you will want to skip on zinc gutters, as they don't stand up to exposure to salt that well. If you have a cedar-shingled roof, you will want to skip on a zinc roof, as the acidic runoff can be harmful.

If you want affordable gutters, aluminum or vinyl gutters are a good option. If you want to install gutters that will last, go for zinc gutters.

If it's time for a rain gutter installation, contact local roofers.