Regardless of how old a commercial roof is, it may deteriorate and develop issues unexpectedly. A leaking roof may damage equipment belonging to you or your tenants, rendering business impossible. With the help of a commercial re-roofing contractor, you can bring back the commercial building to perfect operational conditions in no time. Here are fundamental considerations to make when hiring a commercial roof specialist.

Knowledge of Materials to Use

Commercial building roof repair is about much more than fixing leaks. A roofing specialist should know about the chemical properties of roof substrates and recommend the best one for your building. As such, the contractor should have extensive experience, knowledge of your type of roof, a deep understanding of different roofing materials, experience with the materials you need, and proven skills.

Ability to Improve the Roof's Performance

A great contractor can assess the current roof design in terms of roofing materials, installation techniques, drainage, and venting, and they can recommend improvements. You wouldn't want to hire someone who leaves your roof worse than they found it. Apart from checking around for wet insulation, the contractor should interview you on your particular concerns, schedules, and operations. Then the contractor can take steps to improve your roof.

Detailed Written Proposal

Regardless of how small your project is, it would help if you had a roofing contractor who can prepare a detailed proposal containing all the aspects of the project. In the proposal, the contractor includes plans for protecting the exterior and interior, employee safety plans, and safety and protection schedules, and they should also address all your unique concerns, needs, and considerations. 

Roofing While Protecting What's Inside the Building

Before commercial roof repair takes place, the contractor should provide a comprehensive plan on preventing damage to your products, equipment, machinery, and employees. The project may involve building a temporary roof, such as installing plastic sheeting to protect inside the building. Without that, you might have to close down your business for some time.

Maintaining the Roof Afterwards

Does the roofing contractor have a plan to help maintain your roof after re-roofing? Roofing best practices may require you to use the same contractor for maintenance work. After working on it, the contractor knows the roof's every nook and cranny and won't need a lot of time to clear debris and carry out minor repairs.


An excellent commercial re-roofing contractor knows the materials you need, can improve the roof, write detailed proposals, protect your property, and provide maintenance services afterward. So, don't just hire anyone who comes to you. Instead, always carry out due diligence before signing that contract.