Many homeowners do not spend much time thinking about their gutters until those gutters fail. And that's a shame! If you wait until the gutters are in complete disrepair, you may have no choice but to have them replaced completely. On the other hand, if you watch your gutters closely, you may notice minor issues much sooner and be able to have those issues addressed. Here are some of the most common gutter repairs that gutter companies often perform.

Replacing Fasteners

Gutters are typically fastened to the edge of the roof with metal straps. These straps can become torn in high winds or if a branch falls on the gutter. One missing fastener may not cause the gutter to completely fall off the home, but it will affect the angle at which that gutter hangs. And when a gutter is not hanging at the right angle, water will not drain out of it properly. If you see that your gutters are missing any fasteners, or that a fastener is broken, have a gutter company come and replace it. This is a simple repair that should take them less than an hour but will save you lots of headaches — like clogged and overflowing gutters — going forward.

Patching Holes

Holes are most common in stainless steel gutters. They start appearing once the inner lining of the gutter wears away, allowing the steel to start rusting. If your gutters have a lot of holes, you might need to have them replaced. But if you only notice a hole or two, you can have a gutter company come and patch those holes. Doing so will stop the water from continuing to come into contact with the worn, rusty part of the gutter, which can keep the rust from spreading. If you have small holes patched, you may never end up with big holes.

Reconnecting Downspouts

If the downspouts come disconnected from your gutters, then water may drain down the side of your home, which defeats the purpose of having gutters in the first place. So, if you ever notice that your downspout is dislodged, not seated entirely in the gutter, or is otherwise displaced, call a gutter repair company. They can put the downspout back in place and make some changes to keep it there.

Gutters can usually be repaired before you resort to having them replaced. Have small issues addressed early on, and you'll be set.