Whether you have a small or large home, the last thing in your mind is a leaking roof. Such a roof can cause significant damage if you don't discover and repair the underlying issue. This can result in underlayment deterioration and mold growth which can cause costly roof repairs or even replacement. So, when you notice the signs of a leaky roof, it's essential to seek the services of a roofing repair expert. Here are a few common causes of residential roof leaks.

1. Your valleys may not be properly sealed

The roof valley is the section where two planes of your roof join. Given that such sections have a slope, water can get inside your house if the valleys aren't sealed together correctly. You can detect whether there are issues by checking for wet spots along your roof seam. If you believe that your roof leaks result from an improperly sealed valley, call an experienced roofing repair professional to handle the task. They can resolve your problem by laying a leak barrier along the shingling overtop and valley.

2. Your roof could have broken tiles or shingles

If you notice some of the tiles or shingles on your roof have curled, then this could be the cause of your roof leak. You should also consider roof leak repairs if some shingles are missing after high wind speeds and storms. If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, it can be dangerous for an untrained professional to navigate your roof. With the help of a roofing repair expert, you're confident that the issue will be fixed professionally.

3. Your chimney is experiencing a lot of wear and tear

When your chimney is exposed to inclement weather over the years, it will start to crumble and erode over time, causing your roof to leak. When it rains, the bricks can get saturated with water and get into your home. This can cause damage to the ceiling and walls. If this is the case, your roofing repair expert will check for gaps where your roof and chimney join. They'll also inspect the top of the chimney for signs of deterioration then make the necessary repairs.

Regardless of the age of your roof, it will eventually undergo wear and tear due to inclement weather. If you have recently noticed that your roof is leaking, then one of the above issues could be the cause. However, it's wise to hire companies like Columbia Roofing Inc to inspect your roof and determine the actual cause of the roof leak.