After a hurricane blows through an area, it is common for homeowners to need their roofs replaced. You might be excited to "get on with it" and have a new roof put on your home ASAP. But in many cases, it actually pays to slow down, approach this task carefully, and tackle the following tasks before you have the roof replaced.

Call your homeowners insurance company.

In many cases, homeowners insurance should cover a roof replacement if your roof has been damaged in a hurricane. However, your insurance company may have certain parameters that must be met in order for your claim to be approved. For example, they may want to see photos of the damage. Or, they may want to send out an adjuster to see the damage before you change anything. They might also require that the roofer who replaces your roof holds certain licenses or qualifications. It's best to contact your insurance company immediately so you know what their standards are from the get-go.

Take photos.

Whether or not your insurance company instructs you to take photos of the roof damage, it is wise to do so. You may find out later on that various organizations are offering reimbursement for roofs with certain types of damage. The photos can be proof of that damage. You may also want to reference the photos years later if you find any lingering water damage and wonder if it had to do with this roof failure. Be as thorough as possible; capture as many roof surfaces in your photos as you can.

Research different materials.

You do not have to have your new roof made from the same materials as your old roof. In fact, if your old roof failed in the hurricane, you may be better off switching materials this time around. Maybe you want a roof made with tile or metal instead of shingles. It's wise to spend a little time researching and considering these other materials before you start calling roof replacement companies. With this approach, you can focus on calling companies that offer the type of roof you want. For example, if you decide you want a metal roof, you won't waste your time getting quotes from companies that only install tile roofs.

Once you tackle the three tasks above, you should be in a better place to move ahead with a roof replacement. Before long, your home will look like new again. For more information, contact a roofing company near you.