When picking siding for your home, fiber cement siding may come up as a potential option. There are several good brands, such as James Hardie Home Siding, which came up with the original concept for fiber cement. However, any brand you are considering with fiber cement siding should be carefully evaluated. 

How durable are the brand's fiber cement materials?

Do a bit of investigating to determine how the siding is made and the anticipated durability of the materials. Different brands can have their own manufacturing processes, which means different fiber cement siding brands can have unique anticipated life spans. For example, James Hardie home siding is known to offer decades of warranty for protection against product defects for many siding products. The materials are also known to resist deterioration issues like cracks, chips, and buckling due to moisture exposure.  

How much design versatility is available from the brand?

The top fiber cement siding brands tend to offer an incredible collection of options to afford an impressive amount of flexibility. However, some of the smaller, less-established brands may only offer a few siding styles to choose from. Look for companies that offer a variety of options, such as: 

  • A nice collection of color choices 
  • Unique design collections to suit different style preferences 
  • A selection of finishing or texture choices 

What technology is used to retain different siding colors?

Picking colors that match your design preferences is one of the joys that come along with opting for fiber cement siding. This type of siding tends to come in many different colors, from earthy and natural tones to more traditional or out-of-the-box colors. As great as it can be to find something like a brick-red home siding, you will want to make sure the color has staying power for the long term. Check out what processes the manufacturer uses to protect the color pigments of the siding to ensure you will get to enjoy vibrant siding for the years to come. 

Does the brand offer additional exterior materials to complement its siding?

The siding that is used to clad the exterior of your home is only one element of a full cladding system. Several other products may be needed to finish the look. For example, you will need trim pieces that can be installed around doors and windows and soffit panels in complementary colors. Fiber cement siding manufacturers will make it possible to get about everything you need in one place. 

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