When you're in the market to install a new roof, both slate and metal are among the best options. There are several factors you can use to decide which is best for your needs and budget.


The reason both slate and metal roofs are among the best options is that they are both highly durable. Generally, a metal roof will have a shorter expected lifespan than a slate one.  Based on lifespan alone, slate would be a better value, but it's not perfect. A major issue that affects the longevity of a roof is weather conditions. If you live in an area that has a higher risk of hail or items becoming projectiles in high winds, slate might not be the right option. Although slate is considered to be more wind-resistant than metal, once a tile is broken, it is difficult to repair. In contrast, hail or a projectile might simply make a dent in a metal roof without causing damage that could potentially affect the integrity of the roof.

Installation Costs

The installation costs associated with metal versus slate roofing offer a wide difference in price. A major concern with the installation of a roof is the weight of the materials. Slate is a significantly heavier material, and it may not be possible to install a slate roof on your home without additional modifications to support the weight. Alternatively, metal is lighter, and some types of metal are lighter than others. For example, aluminum is a lighter and less expensive option for a metal roof than copper, but it is also less durable. Both the cost of materials and the installation process for each type of roof affect the cost. Sheets of metal are used to install a metal roof, and this process is easier and faster than installing individual slate tiles.


Metal and slate have their unique aesthetic value. Metal can stand out among the crowd if you choose copper. Initially, the metal is a bright, shiny orange color, but over time, it develops a green patina, which has a special charm to many people. Slate provides more versatility in terms of aesthetics. Slate comes in several colors, such as gray, purple, or green. Colorful slate can also be used to create unique patterns by alternating colors or using specific colors to create a design. For aesthetic value alone, slate is more versatile and might fit a wider range of housing types.

Both metal and slate are excellent choices when selecting your next roof. Since they are both more durable materials, there may be subtle differences that make one particular material more suited to your home.

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